Sunday, June 28, 2009

I <3 KatatOnik

Pink Panda Dress by *katatOnik* for 25Ls!!!

Talk about a steal, Kat is amazing.  I love everything she makes, it is all adorable. I'm pretty sure I have close to one of everything she has ever made and I still want more.  The hair I'm wearing is one of the ones she made for Hair Fair 2009, She is one of the people that made hair fair worth my time.  You can get the Panda Dress at her main store, and the hair fair booth is where you'll find the adorable hair. There are demos at the main store though, along with fishing, RFL vendors, and much much more!

*katatOnik* is here!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Skyboxes: Garden and Flower

You can get them on SLX for $150Ls including all the decor you see in the pictures but if you message me before the end of the day I'll give you them for freeeeeeee! Click here to buy them or if you wanna test out my style just say hi to me inworld (marrrriaa quintessa) =)

It's a Sunny Day at the Manor

It's 88 and sunny here today, so what better to wear than yellow? Its also almost my birthday so everyone is happy, so again yellow! Yellow dresses it is, welcome to one of my yellow dress folders =)

This cute sundress is from *ICING* it's called Pocket Full of Posies.

This chic little number is from Bijou it comes in lots of colors, but this one is Gig in Yellow.

Lemons!  *Babydoll* Lemon Print Babydoll Dress

Flowery goodness from Rahz Store with the Lylaa Cut Dress

 and finally the golden Aimesi Yellow Sun Dress, YAY for Summer!

My cute pigtails are from Dejavu and my tan, freckled skin is from Atomic.

*Some of the slurls aren't working for me, I haven't been to some of the stores in a while but I do have working LMs on SL, if you need them feel free to message me in world =) *

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mar 1.... Jett 0

Mika - Show Girl Ostrich Dance Fans and Pasties

Mika is a super cute store with a bunch of Burlesque, Vintage, Showgirl, and Cabaret Apparel.  They have hats, fans, cigarettes holders, feathers, sparkles, and more!  There used to be a store in Doll Town but now it has moved.

You can go visit Mika here: click me!

House of Beningborough

House of Beningborough was somewhere I've never been that I was actually surprised by.  I got a notecard about modeling so I decided to stop in and take a look around.  There are so many dresses and gowns that it took me a while to pick one.  I was amazed by the creativity of some of the gowns.  There are long dresses, poofy skirts, and cute pixie like creations.  There are also high fashion styled outfits and some semi-casual day to day stuff.  Here are my two favorites.

Merlin - Glimmer

Puffball - Ruby

House of Beningborough has a blog: click me!

You can visit House of Beningborough here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life at Gloomyville!

If you have been to Gloomyville lately, which if you follow my blog you probably have been because the last 3 or so posts have been from there, you'd have noticed that we tend to hang out by the bayou.  Inspired by the Gattina hair by Tiny Bird we decided to have a Gloomyville Spa Day. 
We take public showers to a whole new level, but there is an absolutely lovely view of the bayou from here...
New research says swamp water helps prevent cavities... but probably doesn't freshen your breath much.
Those beer cans did an excellent job... brushing my lovely wavy hair!
Blow drying for some volume...
Voila! Dead Dolly of Gloomyville at your service!

Both hairs are from .:Tiny Bird:. you can find them at the Koreshan Bake Sale, which is here.

The totally awesomesauce bathing accesories are from -RC- Cluster.  Redd is amazing, you can find them and much, much more at her store in Salchicha Harbor.

The cute dress is a steal for only $20 Ls from I Love 13, you can buy it here.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Love's Rainbow!

Love has made a fuck-able rainbow... she calls it Love's Fuckin Rainbow!

it's darling, you can flip it around, attach it places, wear it with different outfits, etc.

and you can hump it.... and make babies... cute little rainbow babies!

Love and I hump rainbows in Gloomyville!

her store is here down at the bayou: click me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

One... Two... We're Coming for You!

Show Me on the Doll - Little Carnival Lady Outfit

White and Red  Stars Version

With adorable matching pumps!!

Show me on the Doll is in Gloomyville! Putrid's amazingly awesome swampy sim, check older entries for pictures of just go to her blog on the links to the right =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Redd is back! With Freebies too! Yay New -RC- Cluster!

The new freebies from -RC- Cluster, there are more but I had them already... Here are all the ones I brought home, and the hair dryer is an accessory from the toiletries pack that's a new freebie too.. YAY for Redd and her freebies table!

Meat String Light Strand

Salt Stuff

Hair Dryer and Sculpty Sink

Sculpty Bathroom Set
Traffic  Light

Redd's Blog is here: click me!
-RC- Cluster is here: click me!

If you can't tell by these pics Redd's stuff is awesome, she makes tons of fun stuff from tv dinners to forts to wash machines and vacuums.  She is awesome too! Redd has parties at her house, gives stuff away to her group, and makes movies sometimes! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As some of you may know already Slaughter City is gone, but in place of it Putrid has built Gloomyville.  It is by far my newest favorite place in SL.  It is filled with swampy goodness, spooky carnival action, a rundown playground, and a voodoo quarter.  Minion and I took a boat ride for two around the swamps before exploring in the darkness....
Inside the Carny Wagon Minion and I take a small break, the scary balloon clown chased us out of the carnival with his balloons....
Finally safe we reach a rusty, old, creaking swing to rest on... Minion notices there seems to be a lovely tea party set up for us across the playground in the poppies so we skip through the lovely flowers to find some yummy treats.....
Yummy yummy, we have our fill then head back to the playground for more midnight fun....
Minion loves pandas so he insisted we ride the kiddie rides for a bit, until we heard bells chime in the distance that we simply couldn't ignore... slowly skipping through the swamp we notice some writing on the ground, it's glowing brightly through the reeds....
I notice the image right away and whisper to Minion that we are deep in the VooDoo Quarter of Gloomyville... he gets the chills and shivers nudging my arm and pointing towards the tomb store near by...

Minions whispers something in my ear.... as a ghaustily image of Marie Laveau raises up from the grave eerily screeching something only Minion can understand....

To have your own adventures in Gloomyville.... click here!

If you are just looking to shop there are many unique shops.  Of course Putrid's shop, Show me on the Doll is here.  Along with others like Who Nose, Asylum in Wonderland, Creative Insanity, Moonbeams, Immateria, Saikou, House of Voodoo, and Annabel Lee.

If you love Gloomyville as much as I do be sure to join the group.  Either do a group search for Gloomyville or find it in Putrid Gloom's profile.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day at the Beach with Clawtooth

So after last nights swim with my Clawtooth hair I decided I needed more, so I headed to the store... I never tried on demos before cause I knew I liked the hair, but when I was spending my rez day gift money I decided to buy the demos... that's when I discovered that Bubbles have the cutest demos I have ever seen... and today I spent the day at the beach... with Bubbles in cut out form!

CBC: A Place to Call Home

CBC: Always Divine

CBC: Blue Velvet

CBC: Fistful of Love

CBC: Kitten with a Whip

CBC: Lola's Big Date

CBC: Spring Fling

CBC: Telling Secrets

CBC: Tiny Dancer

CBC: Veronica Lake

Clawtooth by Clawtooth is here: click me!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Under the Sea with Clawtooth

It was 81 here today, and I spent 50% of the day in the sun, aka I am sunburnt and exhausted.... sooo to help refresh my mind I took a dip in the ocean with all my yummy Clawtooth by Clawtooth Hair, and some of my Sugar Rush Fishies. CBC is one of my new favorite hair shops, the bird nest hair sold me for life, but here are some other cute styles by Clawtooth.

hair: CBC: Always Divine
fishie: *Sugar Rush* ice cream fed jellyfish

hair: CBC: Tiny Dancer
fishie:*Sugar Rush* cake fed jelly fish (sorry you can't see the cake)

hair: CBC: Veronica Lake
fishie:*Sugar Rush* banana fed jellyfish

hair: CBC: Kitten with a Whip
fishie:*Sugar Rush* lemon fish

All my skins are from [42] they make up part of the Galaxia collection, I love them so much I barely ever wear any of my other colored skins.  The mermaid fins are from LVS & CO, they are called Ocean Day Mermaids and come in pretty much every color.

and now for LMs:

*Sugar Rush* is a 7seas fishing sim with lots of cute sweets, treats, and fishing related items.