Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Designer of the Day: Elate!

Kellie Iwish is an amazing designer... these pictures probably don't do her justice.  Not only is she amazing at making clothes but she also builds, makes her own textures for the buildings, makes skins, objects likes cute hanging cranes, and furniture.  I was lucky enough to have met her right around when I started playing SL it was probably a 2-3 weeks after I joined.  Here are just a few of her amazing designs. p.s. all the pics were taken in her store so you can see more of her things =)

skin: Emma
top: Felicity II

skin: Emma 
dress: Maria
furniture is the (Elate!) Living Room Set

furniture: (Elate!) Bedroom Set
skin: Emma
swim suit: Bug Swimsuits - Bumblee Bee

...and (Elate!) is participating in SLRFL: Fashion Expo 2009, so make sure you stop by and see her stuff, along with 50+ other designers who are all coming together to raise money for RFL.

(Elate!) Blog: click me!
Fashion Expo 2009 Blog: click me!

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