Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hair Fair 2009

Hair Fair is Almost HERE! Woo so when I first joined SL a year ago in 10 days =) Hair Fair was the first thing I went to that where I could really experience the vast variety of designers and scenes in SL.  My first friend told me OMG you have to go to Hair Fair... so of course since she was my only friend back then I went.. at Hair Fair I met my other best friend.  So Hair Fair as an emotional connection for me, and the fact that many people dearly close to me are struggling with cancer, it is something I feel strongly about promoting. I am currently working on my bandana for that part of the Fair... wait till you see it! Sooo to promote Hair Fair on Flickr there is a photo contest.  You can submit 10 photos of your favorite hair to the group for prizes = AWESOME!!! Soooo get ready for Hair Fair by entering the contest wooo Hair Fair! Here are my entries :

Queen of Hearts
hair by ETD

Under the Sea
hair by ::69:: Sixty-Nine

Sugary Sweet
hair by LoveSoul & Junwave

hair by The Stringer Mausoleum

Toxic Luvin'
hair by :BC:

Welcome to Hotel Munster...
hair by *HoM* House of Munster

Zombie Love
hair by *HoM* House of Munster

Cheshire Cat
hair by *HoM* House of Munster

Mad Hatter
hair by .:[Tiny Bird]:.

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