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June 1, 2008 - Look What the Cat Brought Hunt

Soo... new blog, where to start? I guess with hunts since that is what this post is about.  Lately I have been semi discouraged with hunts.  Maybe it is just me, but I think if your hunt is over 100 stores there needs to be some kind of notecard clues or hints or something.  I'm not saying give them away but today I did the Look What the Cat Brought Hunt and the one store had hints like, "if i were a sun god you could find me here".  This was a nice clue because the store was rather large, and there was lag of course.  I ended up skipping almost every store in the Through the Looking Glass Hunt for that reason, and decided I quit hunting.  Till I got this lovely notecard today that said a 27 store hunt... wooo! back to the good ol' huntin days.  So this post is what I opened from the hunt and love =) Thank You Mae and Sua, you both are awesome! (I even got stuck and messaged Sua and she gave me some helpful hints! Now that's what I call awesome)

First of all these wings are awesome! They are the gift from Fredrik Writer's Creations, they even flutter.  The cute pink gown is from Biba.

All the accessories are from PD.  There are male and female versions, I'm wearing the Raveness in this pic.  The jeans with cute cat paws are from *Deviance*.

Sultry red gown from Aria's.

Another gorgeous gown from Aria's and the cute blue hair is from Wasabi Pills.

Probably my second fav gift after the wings, this adorable goldfish outfit in both male and female versions is from Fallen Gods.  This pretty skin is from Miamai.

This whimsical spring gown is from Simply Fae and the cute pose is a gift from Golden Delish.

Tied for my second favorite is this super amazing gown from Spellbound. There are a few different versions, I think the bodice is my favorite, but the full long sleeve versions is awesome too!

How could the hunt have the word cat in its title without having a cute Neko item?  This cute dress (minus the skirt to show of the tail) is from [LI] and is calle Diva Kitty. Dress, ears, tail, and shoes are all included!  This skin is one of the two gifts from Geisha Dreams.

Again... the Geisha Dreams skin this time paired with this cute yet punky out from !*Rebel -X- *!.  I absolutely love this skirt!

Overall this hunt made me excited for more hunts, especially the Cinderella one starting July 1rst. Wooohooo for hunting!

and here is the SLurl to the starting point: Look What the Cat Brought Hun

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