Thursday, June 18, 2009

Redd is back! With Freebies too! Yay New -RC- Cluster!

The new freebies from -RC- Cluster, there are more but I had them already... Here are all the ones I brought home, and the hair dryer is an accessory from the toiletries pack that's a new freebie too.. YAY for Redd and her freebies table!

Meat String Light Strand

Salt Stuff

Hair Dryer and Sculpty Sink

Sculpty Bathroom Set
Traffic  Light

Redd's Blog is here: click me!
-RC- Cluster is here: click me!

If you can't tell by these pics Redd's stuff is awesome, she makes tons of fun stuff from tv dinners to forts to wash machines and vacuums.  She is awesome too! Redd has parties at her house, gives stuff away to her group, and makes movies sometimes! 

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