Thursday, July 9, 2009

[blitz] shapes by eeka batz

I love when I see unique shapes on SL.  In my opinion most people tend to lean towards the Mattel barbie look instead of being proportionally realistic.  My personal shape is close to my irl size (short and chubbier wide in the hips) and I like it that way. I also have friends that are teeny and friends that are bigger.  I like SL because of diversity thats what makes it fun for me, so when eeka sent me these shapes I was super excited.  Each one is interesting and unique.  The faces are all different and the she makes them all modifiable so if you wanna be skinny or bigger its your choice.  It gives you the opportunity to customize the shape to you and not be a robot, and I think thats flipping awesome.

katja and 2.0 are my favorites but don't judge them based on me go check them out for yourselves!

eeka's store [blitz] is here.
anddd if you wanna see more pics of her shapes check out her flickr page for [blitz] here.

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