Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt

I didn't do much of the Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt but I did pick up two of my favorite stores gifts last night, and then another this morning.  [Rockberry] has a set of gorgeous skins and a lingerie set in their slipper, Pididdle has pretty pretty eyes and a dazzling necklace, and This is a Fawn has Barb's cute cute cute Vintage Skirt in a special color.

[Rockberry] Skin in the dark tone
Pididdle eyes and necklace
[Rockberry] lingerie set

This is a Fawn skirt
[Rockberry] corset and Skin in Natural Tone
Pididdle eyes and necklace

*Shape is by eeka batz her store is [blitz].

Pididdle and This is a Fawn are both on the Starlust Sim, Horst.
[Rockberry] gift is at their mainstore.

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