Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fishy Strawberry and Doll Houses

New summer stuff @ Fishy Strawberry
I love this dresssss!!! The swim suit top doesn't come with it but it was a little too revealing for my shape. But I love the details and the poofy bottom.  The dress is adorableeeee, yay! for summer!!!

There are also new shorts, and 2 tops... and if you haven't seen the new skins before to go upstairs and check them out.

Fishy Strawberry is here.

Also you can't really see it in the background but it's my new prefab.  It's an open doll house with 2 sides and 4 rooms.  There's 2 versions a creepy one and then a cute one.  Its $150Ls and you can find it at the motel on the edge of Gloomyville in my new store Sugar.Snap.Me.

Sugar. Snap. Me is here.

There is also a Michael Jackson Tribute Sky Box freebie and a $50Ls Flower themed Skybox in the corner where the crates are.

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