Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Smell Autumn <333

So my favorite season is coming up just around the corner and to celebrate it (early I know) I made a hunt gift for The Darker Side Hunt that is about to go on at the UnWanted Mall to promote its darker side, and also the RP that goes on there.

My gift is the Creeper Hut and you can find it hidden in my store @ UnWanted Mall from August 16th to August 30th.  There is a sign in my store if you want more info and a LM to the Sim and Starting Point.  There are a bunch of other neat stores on the sim so I'm excited to participate as a designer and a hunter!!! Wooo!

Also Barb, my beloved, found me these awesome shoes from Grim Brothers.  The come in Red, Blue, and Green and are perfect for Halloween or just everyday spookiness aka perfect of ME! They are awesome I've been wearing them for 2 days straight with my blood clown skin and crazy hair. I loveeeee them!! Thanks Barb I love you too!! You can get them here.

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