Tuesday, July 28, 2009

L-O-double L -I-P-O-P spells Lollipop, Lollipop!

So have a week and a half at the beach I'm golden red.  But I do have a new set for sale in my new store in Carnieville.  You can get the full set for $200Ls or each piece separately for either $50Ls or $150Ls for the swing set.

I really have been trying to get something together for a special group gift, especially since classes are sneaking up quickly and with 18 credits in mostly 400 level classes I have a feeling my free time may be limited. So.... On August 5 and August 15 I will be sending out 2 special gifts via Sugar.Snap.Me Subscribomatic.  The first will be a girly glam version of the Gloomyville Gazebo and the second will be a set of additional playground items that will never be for sale! So make sure you stop by and join, then tell all your friends, yay!

Finally I am working on opening a new store in the UnWanted Mall it should be done sometime this week, maybe even today. There will be a subscribo there too so stop by either one.

Love Always, Mar

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