Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pin Me Up Baby!

So I have this friend Love, and she is a brilliant designer or pretty much anything.  She makes belts, humpable rainbows, boots, walkers, gestures, she'll remodel houses... yup she is good at it all... and she has a store in one of my favorite sims (Gloomyville) which we all call the Love Shack.  Her latest creation is her Pin Me Up Skins.  They are here first skin line ever and absolutely fuckin' fantastic! Here they are ladies and gents!

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Model Mask]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Model]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Model Mess]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Natural]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Natural Mask]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Natural Mess]

..A.I.W.. stands for Asylum In Wonderland and you can find her store here.
All the skins are $1000Ls or $5000Ls for all the fatpack. Trust me they are totally worth it, and you can tell how much time she put into them due to all the little details she added.  Even on the body there are beauty marks and freckles.  If you wanna check it out for yourself go try a demo!

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