Monday, July 6, 2009


...:::Rasetsukoku::... Nightmare Before Christmas Backpack
Lucky Chair Item at Main Store! All I have to say is funn-ilicious!

...:::Rasetsukoku::... Rikka FaaeMagic Skin
I think the lips are my favorite part, but then again I love pink, especially if its a shade that reminds me of bubblegum or cotton candy, but they eyes are amazing too!

...:::Rasetsukoku::... The Secret Lover's Dress
Gift from the VIP Keys Hunt, one of the gift that made the price to enter actually worth it. I love to play dress up sometimes and this gown is absolutely perfect and glamorous!

...:::Rasetsukoku::... Organization XIII Boots
Everyone needs a pair of black stiletto boots, these ones are absolutely fabulous!

...:::Rasetsukoku::... The Mad Hatter
Through the Looking Glass Hunt Item, one of my favorites, but I am a sucker for Alice and Wonderland. I love the hat the best with all the little details that make it perfect and unique!

...:::Rasetsukoku::... Easter Wonderland Backpack and
...:::Rasetsukoku::... Mad Bunny Hoodie
Both From the BunnyHop Hunt and again some of my favorite gifts. The backpack is awesome! All the fun stuff make it a great accessory for any outfit!

...:::Rasetsukoku::... KooKoo Eggbert and
...:::Rasetsukoku::... Spring Skull Ladies Tee
Both are from the Go Fly a Kite Hunt and are super cute. I LOVE Eggbert!

The designer of ...:::Rasetsukoku::.., Liliane Despres is also the organizer of the Macabre Hunt That will Start September 16th. It is a dark and twisted fairy tale themed hunt with only 100 designers. All the stores will have gifts for both men and women or a unisex item, which is absolutely awesome considering most hunts are for women only, or claim to be unisex and really are 80% for women.

The Hunt has its own blog you can find here.
and a flickr group you can visit here.

Finally the Main Store is here: Click me!

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