Monday, July 6, 2009

Roi Designs

RoI Design's has a brand new get up called Space Hoochie.  Everything is sculpted which makes it look fabulously realistic, much better than misshapen parts thrown over clothes textures. Space Hoochies Unite!

I love to be a pin-up in SL or be all vintagey, well really I love to be everything but I'm a sucker for red red lips.  This RoI Sunkissed Skin is perfect!
(There are also different shades like Moonkissed)

One of my absolute favorite items from RoI Design's creator ShawnDavid Blaisdale is this corset piercing.  Before this I had several that were clothing layers but could never find a sculpted one to fit my body.  This one is perfect! 

And this gorgeous skin is a gift.  If you visit the RoI Designs store @ Voodoo, its free.  The Porcelain Skin is another one of my favorite, red red lips = love!

Finally, glowy prim eyes.  One of my favorite movies of all time has a character with glowing eyes, and the dork/geek/nerd that I am I wanted to dress up like her in SL.  But I couldn't find the perfect eyes.  Sooo Shawn made these. Perfect for RPing Avs like aliens, mermaids, cyborgs, or whatever you dream up! p.s. They come in 27 colors!

RoI Designs Mainstore @ Voodoo is here.

or you can purchase stuff on Xstreet: 

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  1. Yay for Shawny's stuff! Whoooooooooo! Oh wow babes, you look awesome in those skins! And you put our space hoochie pic up! whoooooooo! LOL
    Yay for space hoars! ^.^