Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Amazing New Prize Thing @ *SMOTD*

The Big Red Button Bomb Game @ Show Me on the Doll
Test it out here.
There are Prizes!!!

So you're probably saying to yourself... self... what the hell is this BRBB thing? right? Here's Putrid's explanation:

"Your Big Red Button Bomb Prize System, better known as the BRBB, is a very special and unique piece of contest equipment. The game itself is fairly simple, Contestants who wish to try for a chance at the Main Prize just click the Big Red Button to enter the game, if enough Contestants have entered the game to fill the bomb to Critical Mass (which makes the Countdown turn red) and the Countdown reaches 00:00:00 then the bomb will explode and everyone who entered will receive the Main Prize (up to 1000 entries supported). 

The tricky part of the game is that whenever a Contestant enters, the Countdown will randomly change. This means that the Countdown may have 10 hours left when you enter the game, but as soon as you do, it could change to where there's only 1 minute left! And if it changes to such a low Countdown and the numbers aren't red (meaning it hasn't reached Critical Mass yet), you'd better hope someone else enters the game soon so that you keep your chance at winning. The game can even award those who save such low Countdowns with what's called a Save Prize, the game owner can elect to give this special 'instant prize' to Contestants who enter the game when there's 10 seconds or less left and the Critical Mass hasn't been reached. This is in addition to the Main Prize.

So what happens if the Countdown hits 00:00:00 and Critical Mass hasn't been reached? The game resets to where its owner set it up and no one gets the Main Prize. Those who entered the last game will have to enter again to try to win."

Soooo If you like the outfit I'm wearing with the parasol and the pony boots go to Show Me on the Doll in Gloomyville and try out BRBB.  The outfit is amazing as always with Putrid and is worth $500Ls, so if you don't wanna take you're chances you can always just buy it.

*SMOTD* in Gloomyville is here.

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