Friday, July 24, 2009

This is a Fawn and Epoque Exclusive Sale!

So This weekend there is an absolutely fantabulous sale going on with This is a Fawn and Epqoue. There are necklaces, a hair style, shoes, dresses, tops, and even some freebies. Make sure you are part of either group and you can get a lm to the special spot. I love Barb so even though I can barely get on SL and definately cant change clothes or take pics I'm posting this so everoyne that follows me can have the opportunity at getting excuslive items awesome stores.

On that note I have a bit of stuff I need to say, yes this is in fact a rant, if you don't like it or don't want to read it then don't, no one is forcing you. Which brings my to my point. This is so blog handbook that says what or who or how you should run your blog. This is my personal blog. I use it as a type of SL diary and fashion diary. I love fashion, I am also an artist, I also love things that are unusual. I blog my friends, my enemies, my ex's and total and complete strangers. Sometimes I even make friends through blogging.

Today when I spent some of my vacation on SL due to a thunderstorm that made me leave the beach I stopped by the sale to do some shopping and ofcourse chatted with some friends, one of them being Barb, and then Love, Putrid, and others. The 5 people I spent 15 mintues chatting with are all designers, and yes they do give me their stuff for free, but that is not why I blog it.

Now that you know the background of this rant I can make my point. What the hell is wrong with helping out your friends? Barb is my friend, so is Love, and Putrid, and Jemima, and KataOnik, and Vi, and more and more and more. I am also a designer and I give everyone my stuff too, because we are friends not because I have a blog. Me having a blog is an added bonus because blogging a form of media that you can do whatever you want with, like a blank canvas. Everyone I know is amazing at what they do, that is why I blog them, and if it helps them out then great, everyone is happy. What is wrong with that? I don't see anything. I was given a link to a blog that bashed some of closest friends for being friends? Please.... It's SL why don't have your friends help you out? If someone asked me to help them I probably wouldn't unless they were my friend, why would I invest my time and energy into a project for someone I don't even know? It wouldn't be much fun would it? If i make friends out of doing something great but why pick someone random to do something like promote your brand when your friends are there and willing? That is simply beyond me and seems totally unreasonable? but maybe thats just me.

I was appalled by someone claiming that others blog wasn't objective? Who's blog is objective? Your blog is yours to do as you wish but theres no law saying "if you know the person you are blogging then your blog is no longer a good source of information or a valid opinion of the topic" If my friends stuff was horrid I'd encourage them to try again or help them make it better. I wouldn't blog them and encourage others to buy crap, because people just don't do that, and if they do then it's their blog, their opinion, their word. You don't have to act on what others say or post or demand.... we as humans have free will.

So now that I'm done ranting feel free to go to the Red Carpet SL blog and to view what I would assume is a totally and completely objective blog, hopefully he or she has never blogged a friend or acquantance because then it wouldn't be objective would it? I'm not bashing the blog in any sense I just don't think its right to tell people what to blog, or to post peoples conversations onto your blog in a negative way. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, if you don't like it move on... no one is forcing themselves on you by sticking to their beliefs.

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