Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*Tuft* by Jemima Clowes

Yesterday during my 200 minute sale I met Jemima and she is absolutely lovely! She loves blogs and has her own store named *TUFT*.  She was kind enough to give me some samples, YAY! so here they are =)

*TUFT* My Empire Dress

One of the cute dresses you can find at her store. I love the top part and the goofy cute texture.

*TUFT* The Day the Circus left Town Tank
*TUFT* Meet me at the Boarder  Jeans

I really love the jeans because its hard to find good quality ones with the belt texture added and with my hippy shape belts never fit right, and everyone knows I love carny! so this tank is right up my alley.
Jeans in another shade the come in a 3-pack with light, dark, and brown tones!

She also has a random $1Ls vendor at her store, a MM board, lucky board, and some freebie and cheapies.  There are a ton of cute tank tops too!

*Tuft* is here. YAY!

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