Monday, August 31, 2009

Twisted Hunt Giftie by Show Me on the Doll

All the September Hunts start tomorrow! Putrid made this totally amazing outfit for the Twisted Hunt, Gloomyville will definitely be lagged but be patient its worth it.

I'm in the Twisted Hunt, Duckie Hunt, and Addiction Hunt, they all start tomorrow as well. If you wanna see my gifts scroll down I blogged some sneak peaks a while ago.

Also both Putrid and I are having sales for hunters so don't forget to shop around, everything in my store is between $1-50Ls.

Happy Hunting!!!
Love Always,

Monday, August 24, 2009

$5L Sale for 1000 Readers @ UnWaNtEd Mall

Sugar.Snap.Me @ UnWaNtEd is here.

Almost everything is now $5Ls I'll leave it like this till I go to bed tonight prob around 8-10pm SLT. The Swing Set is $10Ls but if you just want individual pieces they are each $5Ls.

The dollarbies are still $1Ls and the cheapies are now $5Ls!

Sooooo Come Shop!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sugar.Snap.Me - Twisted Hunt Preview + Grey for a Day!

I'm #134 for the Twisted Hunt! yay!
Here is a Sneak Peak at my gift... I wanted to do something different so I applied for this hunt hoping it would give me inspiration to do make something less glowy and candy filled. Soooo I made hair! With tenacles, safety pins, syringes, scissors, and a flask. I love it!

The Twisted Hunt Blog is here.
Sugar.Snap.Me @ Gloomyville is where my gift will be hidden!

Also I finally made my Grey for a Day outfit!
It is $100Ls and includes a tee, rain boots, and umbrella.
100% of the proceeds go to charity to raise awareness for brain cancer.
You can find my outfit in my store @ The UnWaNtEd Mall here.
Also if you wander around the sim a bit you can find the memorial to commemorate loved ones who have died or are suffering from brain cancer.

so Yay for Grey! and the Twisted Hunt!
Love Always,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sugar.Snap.Me - Duckie Hunt Preview

September 1rst is right around the corner!

Here is a sneak peak at my Duckie Hunt giftie!
I think the tee is my favorite part but I love the whole thing. The Duckie Hunt is a gridwide hunt that will be going on in September. Hopefully you enjoy my gift! I will put it out September 1rst @ my shop at The UnWaNtEd Mall

I may send out a subscribo notice to let group members get the gift a few hours early so if you wanna beat the potential lag factor stop by my store ahead of time to join.

Sugar.Snap.Me is here.

Masquerade Ball @ Seldom Blue

With Halloween approaching and plenty of parties being planned be sure to stop at Seldom Blue to get this darling purple gown. Pair it with a mask like this one from -RC- Cluster and and bam you have your costume and are ready to go. It is also a gorgeous gown for any other occasion like weddings, balls, etc.... oh and it's a DOLLARBIE! woo!

Seldom Blue Sxy2nd Sim only Dollarbie is here.

*Ps* The Darker Side Hunt is now going on at the UnWaNtEd Mall where one of my stores are. I have four gifts out that I will post pictures of later today. I am also working on my Wear Gray for a Day outfit that will only be available at my store there with all proceeds going to charity to support brain cancer.

Sugar.Snap.Me @ The UnWaNtEd Mall is here.

*Pss* The Addiction Hunt is also about to start in a little over a week I'll be posting a picture of that gift soon, and I am working on clothes I have made a few tee shirts that I think turned out fabulously and I'm also working on some rain boots and umbrellas.

Love Always,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sequins @ Wagwambam

I love sparkles!
Once I even wrote a term paper about broadway and all 7 pages where about how much I love all the glitter and sparkle of it..... anyway this is a super cute dress and to make it even better its a DOLLARBIE! yus! Wagwambam has a new shimmering line and this dress was made to celebrate it!

Wagwambam is here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Candilicious Set @ Sugar.Snap.Me

Sooo today I finally made something new, and here it is. It is an outdoor set to appreciate the last 2 weeks I have of summer.  This is the cream version but there are 6 other colors to choose from.  I think the pink might be my favorite. And with the new item the Dollhouse I made is marked down to $35Ls, and I've decided that the MJ Skybox will only be available for another week so stop by either of my stores to pick it up for a dollar.

Sugar.Snap.Me is here.
(Also I moved to Gloomyville so Sugar.Snap.Me is here too)

Love Always, 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

paper.doll is closing =)

Sadly Paper.Doll is closing for a while, but on the bright side they are having a super big sale today to close the shop with a bang.  Everything is 10Ls, Sale items are 5Ls, Skins are 25Ls per make-up but 150Ls for each tone fatpack, and finally hair is 25Ls per tone set and 50Ls per fatpack.  I got almost everything I think the Seersucker Flats are my favorite =)

Paper.Doll is here.

Paper.Doll Outfit #1
hair - Stella
shoes - Heart Breaker Pink Patent
outfit - RockStar #1

Paper.Doll Outfit #2
hair - Stella
shoes - Heart Breaker Purple Patent
dress - Purple Sequin Mini

Paper.Doll Outfit #3
hair - Stella
shoes - SeerSucker Flats
dress - Sundress in Cotton Candy

Paper.Doll Outfit #4
hair - Stella
shoes - Heart Breaker Pink Pantent
lingerie - Pink Hearts

Paper.Doll Outfit #5
shorts - Low Rise Cut Offs (I bought every wash)
shoes - SeerSucker Flats
hair - Mia

Paper.Doll Outfit #6
top - Love Me
hair - Mackenzie
skirt - Denim Skirt Skulls
shoes - Heart Breaker White Patent

Paper.Doll Outfit #7
hair - Mia
shoes - Heart Breaker Red Patent
lingerie - Love Me

Paper.Doll Outfit #8
hair - Mackenzie
shoes - Heart Breaker Red Patent
skirt - Denim Skirt Hears
top - Babydoll Top in Red Roses

Paper.Doll Outfit #9
hair - Mackenzie
shoes - Heart Breaker Pink Pantent
dress - Crochet Sundress

Paper.Doll Outfit #10
hair - Mackenzie
pjs - Candy Hearts

Paper.Doll Outfit #11
hair - Aubrie
shoes - SeerSucker Flats
top - Babydoll Top in Spring
shorts - Low Rise Cut Offs (I bought every wash)

Paper.Doll Outfit #12
hair - Allie
jumper - Army Mini in Oatmeal
shoes - SeerSucker Flats

Sooo this is a pretty long post but I thought since I haven't blogged fashion in a while I'd go all out.  I'm super busy with all these amazing upcoming hunts and having 2 stores now that this week I have barely changed my outfit once.  But get excited for all the hunts, parties, and photo contests we are all working on for the UnWaNtEd Mall opening and Gloomyville! yay!

Love Always, 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sugar.Snap.Me Group Gift for August 15th

Sooo I wanted to make a group gift for August.... and here is what I came up with.  Barb was the first to get it for her birthday today, but if you join my subscribo you can get it too on August 15th.  It won't ever be for sale or available except for when I send it out.  It matches the  lollipop swing set and has this super cute pose built in.

Sugar.Snap. Me is here @ Carnieville
here @ The UnWaNtEd Mall

Love Always, 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tainted Taxidermy by Putrid Gloom

Hiii, I'm Marrrrrrs!

When Putrid of Show Me on the Doll made her last Poofie Pants outfit I thought I would never take it off ever, but then she made this adorable Tainted Taxidermy gown and a Cow Head hat to go with it... If you see me around I will be wearing this!

Here's one version of the dress with a black skirt and cute little Jawbone Maids hat.

And of course there are precious matching shoes!

Version number two of Tainted Taxidermy Gown, my favorite when paired with the Cow Head.

Aww look how adorable I am with my Cow Head hat, others have also flipped around to cover their face, also a genius idea.

Sooo if you love this as much as I do you should to go Gloomyville and visit Putrid's mainstore.  Show Me on the Doll is here.  Or if you just wanna stalk me to see it in person feel free. Putrid is amazing every time I think she can't awe me anymore she makes something else even more glamorous and awesome, and on top of that she is an amazing person.  My favorite part of SL is meeting people who are unique and creative and who are also great people. Putrid I *heart* you.