Monday, August 17, 2009

Masquerade Ball @ Seldom Blue

With Halloween approaching and plenty of parties being planned be sure to stop at Seldom Blue to get this darling purple gown. Pair it with a mask like this one from -RC- Cluster and and bam you have your costume and are ready to go. It is also a gorgeous gown for any other occasion like weddings, balls, etc.... oh and it's a DOLLARBIE! woo!

Seldom Blue Sxy2nd Sim only Dollarbie is here.

*Ps* The Darker Side Hunt is now going on at the UnWaNtEd Mall where one of my stores are. I have four gifts out that I will post pictures of later today. I am also working on my Wear Gray for a Day outfit that will only be available at my store there with all proceeds going to charity to support brain cancer.

Sugar.Snap.Me @ The UnWaNtEd Mall is here.

*Pss* The Addiction Hunt is also about to start in a little over a week I'll be posting a picture of that gift soon, and I am working on clothes I have made a few tee shirts that I think turned out fabulously and I'm also working on some rain boots and umbrellas.

Love Always,

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