Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sugar.Snap.Me - Twisted Hunt Preview + Grey for a Day!

I'm #134 for the Twisted Hunt! yay!
Here is a Sneak Peak at my gift... I wanted to do something different so I applied for this hunt hoping it would give me inspiration to do make something less glowy and candy filled. Soooo I made hair! With tenacles, safety pins, syringes, scissors, and a flask. I love it!

The Twisted Hunt Blog is here.
Sugar.Snap.Me @ Gloomyville is where my gift will be hidden!

Also I finally made my Grey for a Day outfit!
It is $100Ls and includes a tee, rain boots, and umbrella.
100% of the proceeds go to charity to raise awareness for brain cancer.
You can find my outfit in my store @ The UnWaNtEd Mall here.
Also if you wander around the sim a bit you can find the memorial to commemorate loved ones who have died or are suffering from brain cancer.

so Yay for Grey! and the Twisted Hunt!
Love Always,

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