Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tainted Taxidermy by Putrid Gloom

Hiii, I'm Marrrrrrs!

When Putrid of Show Me on the Doll made her last Poofie Pants outfit I thought I would never take it off ever, but then she made this adorable Tainted Taxidermy gown and a Cow Head hat to go with it... If you see me around I will be wearing this!

Here's one version of the dress with a black skirt and cute little Jawbone Maids hat.

And of course there are precious matching shoes!

Version number two of Tainted Taxidermy Gown, my favorite when paired with the Cow Head.

Aww look how adorable I am with my Cow Head hat, others have also flipped around to cover their face, also a genius idea.

Sooo if you love this as much as I do you should to go Gloomyville and visit Putrid's mainstore.  Show Me on the Doll is here.  Or if you just wanna stalk me to see it in person feel free. Putrid is amazing every time I think she can't awe me anymore she makes something else even more glamorous and awesome, and on top of that she is an amazing person.  My favorite part of SL is meeting people who are unique and creative and who are also great people. Putrid I *heart* you.

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