Sunday, September 27, 2009

DCNY Delicious Dollarbies

While catching up with some blogs tonight after being away for 4 days I saw a super cute coat that lead me a store I've never been to before, which is always a pleasant surprise for me. I had too much fun this weekend, aka I got no work done, so I didn't explore much. I did find these super cute dollarbies though, and who doesn't love dollarbies?

DCNY is here.
Dollarbie #1: DCNY Mini Dress Promo Gify
i loveeee the ruffly skirt and the poofy sleeves!

Dollarbie #2: DCNY Promo Swimsuit
sexy, hot, and the back is adorable
Dollarbie #3: Swing Coat Fall Gift
cute cute cute coat that i am totally inlove with for fall!
Finally, Dollarbie #4: Kathryn Dress Spring Time Dollarbie
adorable green poofy tulle cocktail/party dress

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is a Fawn <3

I haven't blogged Barb in a while, but thats just because I have been trying to keep the blog going, but it's hard when you have 18 credits a ton of reading and a stomach ulcer.
but here are some of her amazing new things!

This is a Fawn is here @ Horst.
The String Dress = my new favorite staple
it comes in more colors and its super cute!
front view of The String Dress

I loooooveeee this bloody Tee
Halloween Yet?
These are all of the Flight Tee
it comes in a ton of colors, but I think purple is my favvvvv

but grey is super cute too!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tiny Bird Gift!

I love gifts, then again who doesn't?... especially awesome one's like this one from Tiny Bird! Four super cute hairs that you can either leave silver or tint yourself.... I love when designers give you something you can be creative with... here are the colors that Autumn did as examples, if you aren't already a subscriber to the Tiny Bird subscribo you definitely need to go join!

Tiny Bird is here.

Oliva - Stein Silver tinted HOT PINK!

The Art Teacher II - Stein Silver tinted PURPLE

Willow C - Stein Silver tinted VIOLET
Precious Things - Stein Silver tinted TURQUOISE

"Hi Guys! I was playing around with my hair the other day and decided to try tinting it, and discovered that the 'Stein Silver' colour takes tinting super super well, so I thought I'd send you a pack with some examples! Try them out and tint them a coulour you like! Hope you guys are having a great week!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh so Chic in White by Ohmai!

Ohmai! now has a mainstore on Horst.
To Celebrate the Opening you can Get:
2 freebie white tanks

one is racerback

the other is a typical cami

the white long cardigan is my fav!

and super comfy looking white leggings...

Sooooo go check it out....

Also New Announcements for My Store! yay!
first off my store @ UnWaNtEd Mall has moved to a new locale.
second... I am in the process of redoing the store and all my work for fall and halloween because I am pretty much obsessed with it all, its my favorite month and holiday by far... sooo what does that mean for you? It means as soon as I finish redoing everything and making all the new fall stuff, all the summer goodies will be dollarbies! yay! Soo watch the blog and be sure to join the subscribo for updates and I promise I have a special group gift coming soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hybrid's Blogger Challenge - Mar's Got Junk in Her Trunk <33

A day in the life of Mar.....

gooood morning sl!
enjoying some toast and coffee on the porch

oh hai art school
waiting for a lecture or something...

lunch break on a lovely bench

work... when will it end?

stopped off for happy hour

night out on the town dancin it up

long day... time to sleeeeeep

if you want my shape message me inworld and i'll be glad to send it =)
marrrriaa quintessa

Saturday, September 5, 2009

RayRay's Birthday @ Mouse World

So awhile ago we had a party @ Mouse World
(sorry my pain meds make numbers blur so you'll have to search... whoops)
And we looked super stylish and had an excellent time, here are the pics =)

Royal Blue
This is a Fawn

This is a Fawn

Goofy = loveeeee

Mar and Scil in the GALLOWS! Ahhhh

The Gang

Yay! for Mouse World. They are pretty much the biggest inworld attempt at Disney Land, I think Disney should get involved and make their own sim it would be awesome, but until then Mouse World has all the major rides from Space Mountain to Pirate's of the Caribbean.

Love Always,

Friday, September 4, 2009

Halloween on a Budget @ Nooby Doo's

So with the economy being crappy and spending levels going down... I've been searching for places with cute clothes that won't break my budget. Today while take a break from all the September hunts I stumbled upon Nooby Doo's. Everything @ Nooby Doo's is $0-10Ls. I found a ton of cute stuff that would all be great for halloween costumes.

Nooby Doo's Blog is here.

Ginger Spice
(hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth and boots from Crave)

Pajama Party
(Wot? Hair)

Poodle Girl
(Wot? Hair)

Alien Princess
(Wot? Hair)

Fall Fun Outfit
(Wot? Hair)

Escaped Patient
(Wot? Hair)

Green Eggs and Ham
(Wot? Hair)

Fall Fairy
(Gritty Kitty Hair)

(JetDoll Hair and shoes)

Breakfast Babe
(JetDoll Hair and Shoes)

News Print
(Jetdoll Hair)

All of the outfits and skins, and some of the accessories are from Nooby Doo's. You can get all this great stuff here @ their store.

It's $50Ls Friday!

Doppleganger Inc & T.Z. & Clawtooth by Clawtooth


(Milk Motion) & Clawtooth by Clawtooth

:: Fishy Strawberry ::

This is a Fawn & Clawtooth by Clawtooth & H&V

SV Designs

This is a Fawn

H&V & Clawtooth by Clawtooth