Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tiny Bird Gift!

I love gifts, then again who doesn't?... especially awesome one's like this one from Tiny Bird! Four super cute hairs that you can either leave silver or tint yourself.... I love when designers give you something you can be creative with... here are the colors that Autumn did as examples, if you aren't already a subscriber to the Tiny Bird subscribo you definitely need to go join!

Tiny Bird is here.

Oliva - Stein Silver tinted HOT PINK!

The Art Teacher II - Stein Silver tinted PURPLE

Willow C - Stein Silver tinted VIOLET
Precious Things - Stein Silver tinted TURQUOISE

"Hi Guys! I was playing around with my hair the other day and decided to try tinting it, and discovered that the 'Stein Silver' colour takes tinting super super well, so I thought I'd send you a pack with some examples! Try them out and tint them a coulour you like! Hope you guys are having a great week!


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