Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zombiefest 2009 Update!

If you haven't stopped by yet.... you definitely need to help bring the event to a close!
as I type this right now the SCAB Burlesque show is going on, the more money donated to the Red Cross, the more you'll see....
So if that's what floats your boat come on over...

Mar @ the Rob Zombie Event Area

ZombieFest Carnival!

Just some of the many awesome vendors, you can buy stuff and donate at the same time!

The oh so lovely Barb and her ZombieFest vendor of bloody delights!

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!

Zombi-licious dance floor!

One of my fav Zombies, ty for modeling!

The lovely Fionna and Gattina welcoming everyone to ZombieFest
(Putrid was in the pic but she ran away at the last second)

DJs spun late into the nite last night, I didn't make it up for Woody's Set, but Barbs was 90's awesomeness !


A super special thanks goes out to NoR for donating the Sim! THANKYOU!!!!!

Here's a note about NoR:
"Welcome to the Land of NoR, SL's largest MMORPG community, spanning 18 plus sims. Here you become part of the living story and contribute to its growth. We are centered around the sim: Remembrance (named in memorial of the 911 attacks).

Presently we have 11 races: Humans, Angeliques (Angels), Demonomika (Demons), Lycans, N'komusume (Nekos), Nocturnals (vampires), Mythics, Elvin, Drowin, Machina and Revenants (Thinking zombies).

You can own land, create your own story line within our universe and become a part of the cannon. Come for the fun, stay for the community.

Links of interest:

Ask an admin for invites to our groups: Lands of NoR and NoR Chatterbugs.

The Backstory

You enter this realm some years after the following occurred. The acts of mayhem that fell on these lands are scorched into the memories of those that witnessed the events. While some lived through the madness, others age to the stories being told of long ago and of course, are in the midst of fighting a battle of their own. Though the exact date is faded from memory, a casualty of The War, the future is unclear as you descend upon...
The Lands of NoR. Welcome to the Armageddon.

NoR, or more accurately “N’oR,” is the realm of humanity and the prime battle grounds for the War of the Armageddon. This war was predicted to be brutal, and horrifyingly swift. Instead, it lingers...

During this epic battle, Angels stepped forth into the world through long sealed Portals. After a pause, the world rejoiced at the confirmation of faith.

The elation quickly faded. Suspicion turned to fear as the Angels took little notice of Humanity, and the cold realization crept in that where one thing exists, so must its opposite. Angels are Warriors of the Armageddon, vying for dominion over the souls of all creation and they have an enemy: Demons, and all those touched by Evil.

Caught between a War of Titans, society collapsed as humans struggled to survive. The faithful found themselves capable of wielding what was once called magic. Those that couldn't, turned to technology to enhance themselves with the magic-like and physical abilities of the other species.

The war was stopped dead in it's tracks but as with any "victory" this came at a price. Seven major cities of the world were consumed in nuclear fire in the Eve of Atom. The Angels and the Demons now took note of humanity and its terrifying capabilities. The hot war turned cold but the struggle continues.

Vampires woke from their centuries of sleep and hiding, with promises of Immortality to the disenchanted. The dead have risen. The enigmatic Elves and Drow have returned with unknown loyalties and machinations. Nekos and Lycans prowl the streets; some fierce with resistance, others taking hold of the world changing around them. They, along with the other Races of Lore that also stepped from the Portals, joined the never ending fight for power that wreaks havoc in N'oR.

The Ultimate Jihad.

The War of Armageddon.

The Apocalypse Rages on.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

((Welcome to The Land of NoR (NoRSim). A true, live where you play MMORPG, where you become part of the living storyline. We currently run DCS for your role play and combat needs. Come, join the Community!))"

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