Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trapped in the 80's!

Trapped in the 80's Hunt
my personal fav time period here's come pics
the hunt starts here @ Intrigue

skybox: Sunshine Design Kids
outfit: !XTC! Designs female gift

break dancing pose boombox and box: Agent Orange
outfit: [b.nuts]

outfit: rbcg
chair: [R] Replica

top: Vextra Messing
lego pose: MudHoney

top: Pig
shoes: Duh!
couch: Discomfort

belt: Taboo
top: Pididdle
shell: [DeTHGRiP]

jacket: Intrigue
shoes: Duh!
pose cube: Intrigue
jeans: Peer
neko stuff: [b.nuts]

pose vinyl: Concrete Flowers
hat: [DeTHGRiP]
top: Thimbles
shoes: Duh!
fishnets: Vextra Messing

hoodie: Young Urban
top: Intrigue
pants: !XTC!

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