Monday, June 28, 2010

New @ ::{Sugar.Snap.Me}::

I've been busy!!

My Albero Shop is Officially Open for Business!
my Black Plaid Isle shop is getting there... I promise

here's a sneak preview of things going on now or in the near future:

La Vie Super Glowy Skyboxes
6 color options on sale for $150Ls

Summer Time & the Livin's Easy Hunt Gift
Surf Shack

Friday, June 25, 2010

Show Me on the Doll Opening @ Midnight Tonight!

Show Me on the Doll

Opens Tonight at Midnight!

*SMOTD* Tainted Taxidermist Cape

*SMOTD* Tainted Taxidermist Gown

*SMOTD* Srs Bznz Good Shit Hunt Gift
(starts tonight at midnight as well)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fashion is Love Hunt

Fashion is Love Hunt
Gift Pics

Deetalez Sporty Pink Bodysuit
MB Creationz Ladybug Pumps

T.Whore Rude Dress

Vensa Sonya Jeans

*LP* Glanec Dress

Mynerva Cynthia Starfish and Coffee

Exquisitely Exposed

Recently I've meet a new group of lovely people and one of them was kind enough to send me some of her releases for the blog.

Cloey's shop Exquisitely Exposed can be found here, as well as 3 other locations.

EE - Unchained in Black

each outfit comes with sheer and opaque layers

EE - Aphrodite Silks in Purple

Exquisitely Exposed is also in a variety of hunts, so if you want to try something out before you buy look for the hunt gifts!

If Walls Could Talk: New Darker Decals

I love decals... and these ones in particular match my tendency towards all things gloomy, dark, creepy...

there are several Alice themed quotes as well but here are my favorites!

If Walls Could Talk is here....

IWCT - static t.v. decal

IWCT - porcelain mask decal

IWCT - perhaps decal

IWCT - batty decal

IWCT - AIN quote decal

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday!
Happy World Cup Watching!

sunglasses - Epoque
hair - Dilly Dolls
dress - Twosome
bikini - Surf Couture

Friday, June 11, 2010

Black and Blue Fair

Black and Blue Fair
being held to raise awareness for Mental Health Issues

Now through July 4th

(i suggest depriming the space, there are lots of smaller rooms and it's usually crowded)

found @ fair:
dress- *DD* Corrin Black (also in blue)
boots- *DD* Danielle Boots Dark

found @ fair:
skin- Bleu Lolita (Bettie - Pale)
skirt and tights- Indie Rose Sequin Mini Skirt
corset- [III] Venom Corset in Americano
shades- Indie Rose Summer Rose Sunglasses
ears- Mynerva Leviticus Elven Ears

found @ fair:
skin- Bleu Lolita (Bettie - Pale)
dress- CLG Buttons Dress Blue
leggings- Alexohol Blue Striped Leggings
necklace- Mynerva Victorian Cog Necklace
ears- Mynerva Leviticus Elven Ears

found @ fair:
skin- Bleu Lolita (Bettie - Pale)
lingerie- Blacklace Diva L.E. Black and Blue Fair Gift

found @ fair:
top- Relentless Couture Wrapped Top
jewelry- Fusion Diamond Studs and Hoops, Silver Cuff

found @ fair:
corset- Alexohol After Hours Corset Dark Blue
leggings- .:A&M:. Holed Legging
boots- *DD* Danielle Boots Dark

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Strawberry Festival

With June rolling in the air is filled with STRAWBERRY deliciousness...
well maybe not the air, but I know my garden has lots and I can't wait for them to ripen.

The Strawberry Festival is going on now to satisfy all your strawberry cravings!

Split Pea - Strawberry for your mouth
Strawberries in Cream Dress (photo one)

Strawberry Lights

~La'Licious~ potted Strawberry Plant

Adorable Blue Jam Lid Art Thingies come in Red and Pink also
the Red ones have Strawberry art and the Pink ones have cute sayings!

Vendors Include:
Djinn & Tonic
La'Licious Designs
Split Pea

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pride Night @ Black Plaid Isle

Pride Nite is happing as I type...
Erik is spinning
there are prizes to be won!

(Black Plaid Isle is where my new custom shop is!! there is also a gift out for everyone!)

Pride Horns XoXo - ImmateriA
Pride Skin & Nails - Poison Apple

hurry hurry hurry!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gilded: Sorcerer Poses

Wanna channel your inner Harry Potter?

with these sorcerer poses from Gilded all you need is a wand!

get them here!

I had a battle at at the wand shop.
(side note, who knew there was an extensive Harry Potter community in SL with Rping and sims?!? i guess after 2 years i am still finding new things)