Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grand Opening of Pididdle!

Pididdle has a new location, with a brand new shop!

The new location is on the Existence sim, which is home to BOOM, /me poses, Skream!, Moddg, Bodyline, Bohica, Minettes, and Miseria Mainstores!

Also a fun mini hunt!
I've made some season themed items that I've hidden around the store.
Find the pumpkins!! There are 5 total :)

Beirut Jeans and Obsession Tank in spooky themes Pictures Above are part of the mini hunt!

Beirut Vest - Red
Obsession Tank - Eggshell

Pididdle Boo Necklace part of the mini hunt... you know you want it!

Obsession Tank - Grey Deer
Beirut Jeans - Black Wash

Happy Haunting Everyone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FTLO Gatcha Fest, ALbero Autumn Gatcha Fest... and Tea Hunt!

Its that time again... Albero Autumn Gatcha Festival
follow me...

::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: features Six Color Combos of Lacey Tables and Halloween Goodie Bags with mouth candies!

FTLO... Halloween now has GATCHA!

::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: features Luminous Skyboxes in Six Color Combos

Tea Hunt - October 2010
sponsored by Mijin and UrikoH

follow me... to the Tea House

there are tons of goodies, including those shown in the above photo and much much more!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: and ImmateriA @ Horrorfest

then head to Isle of Dolls for ::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: and ImmateriA

Friday, October 15, 2010

+>A&A<+ La Catrina @ Horrorfest Isla de los Muertos

La Catrina is a gorgeous gown by Airedine Poe that comes in two versions (with and without bones) and includes a ruffle skirt, collar, shoulder feathers, and an absolutely gorgeous headdress.

and there are makeup layers to match!

+>A&A<+ La Catrina Makeup

+>A&A<+ Sugarskull

Thursday, October 7, 2010

[Acide!] New Released

[Acide!] is here.
The Unisex Hunt as awesome stuff - go get them now!

[Acide!] Autumn Poet's Scarf

[Acide!] Winter Scarf - Leaves

[Acide!] FTLO Spider - Lower

[Acide!] FTLO Spider

Other Stuff:
Old World Courtyard ::{Sugar.Snap.Me}
Zombie Pose by Gilded
Muerto Maria Skin by MiaSnow
Dress - Plastik
Dia de Los Muertos Jewl Set - Violet Voltaire
Hair - booN

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ImmateriA - Two Hunts and a Tea Party

As most of you many know by know the Black Plaid Isle has moved to a new location...
but we haven't stopped making beautiful goodies for everyone during the rebuild!

ImmateriA has made some awesome gifts for both the Macabre Hunt, Hunt of the Living Dead, and Fallin' Into Madness Hunt (not featured)

and because Halloween is fast approaching I wanted to post some photos of the awesomely spooky Merry Tea Party Set!

Enjoy the photos and Happy Hautings...

The Macabre Hunt - Selkie Venom Mermaid Av
Includes: Skin, Mer Ears, Fins, Tail, and Belt

*AO can be purchased @ #CI# Creative Insanity

Hunt of the Living Dead - How Not to Cage a Zombie
Includes: Cage, Waist Restraint, and Collar - is also Animated!

ImmateriA - A Merry Tea Party
Includes: Scripted and Non-Scripted Tables with Setting and Sound

Sunday, October 3, 2010

FTLO... Halloween Exclusives!

Hey everyone, sorry for the slowing of the blog lately, college has obviously started again and all my art history classes are turning out to be a lot of work aka paper after paper after paper...

but I am part of an awesome Halloween event that started today called FTLO... Halloween!

(you might have to wait a bit the sim may be full =))

Here is my FTLO... Halloween Exclusive Item - ::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: Halloween Garden Tea Party Set

it includes:
greenhouse, persian rug, antique door table, complete lace table cloth and table setting, dish of candles, 4 cushioned and posed chairs, and a matching curtain panel.

Sweet Antidote - Halloween Dream Daze Dress

.: It's Cake:. Kawaii Frankenstein Tee and Neck Bolts, Poison Apple Tart Leggings, and Pumpkin Mouthy

Gilded - Mask and Plead Pose

Gilded - Skeleton Arms and Don't Hurt Me Pose

Cheeky Pea - Hallowe'en Bench

Cheeky Pea - Halloween Kitsch Pouffe

Maven Homes & Decor - Embrazio Morte Couch

Jessentials - Autumn Bunting/Pennants and Raven Set Cabinent

{Just a Pose} Halloween Iron Fence Massacre