Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grand Opening of Pididdle!

Pididdle has a new location, with a brand new shop!

The new location is on the Existence sim, which is home to BOOM, /me poses, Skream!, Moddg, Bodyline, Bohica, Minettes, and Miseria Mainstores!

Also a fun mini hunt!
I've made some season themed items that I've hidden around the store.
Find the pumpkins!! There are 5 total :)

Beirut Jeans and Obsession Tank in spooky themes Pictures Above are part of the mini hunt!

Beirut Vest - Red
Obsession Tank - Eggshell

Pididdle Boo Necklace part of the mini hunt... you know you want it!

Obsession Tank - Grey Deer
Beirut Jeans - Black Wash

Happy Haunting Everyone!

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