Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ImmateriA - Two Hunts and a Tea Party

As most of you many know by know the Black Plaid Isle has moved to a new location...
but we haven't stopped making beautiful goodies for everyone during the rebuild!

ImmateriA has made some awesome gifts for both the Macabre Hunt, Hunt of the Living Dead, and Fallin' Into Madness Hunt (not featured)

and because Halloween is fast approaching I wanted to post some photos of the awesomely spooky Merry Tea Party Set!

Enjoy the photos and Happy Hautings...

The Macabre Hunt - Selkie Venom Mermaid Av
Includes: Skin, Mer Ears, Fins, Tail, and Belt

*AO can be purchased @ #CI# Creative Insanity

Hunt of the Living Dead - How Not to Cage a Zombie
Includes: Cage, Waist Restraint, and Collar - is also Animated!

ImmateriA - A Merry Tea Party
Includes: Scripted and Non-Scripted Tables with Setting and Sound

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