Thursday, August 12, 2010

Into the Hollow

Usually I don't talk much on the blog but I think since FALL is coming and I love it so much I might add more commentary to the blog... who knows tho I might just hit you with pictures of love love lovely fall items that soothe your souls with warmth and smells of cinnamon, apples, and pumpkin pie!

Or if you prefer dark, gloomy, blood, and all things macabre don't worry you'll get your fair share here as well...

If you haven't heard of Woeful Wednesday yet... GOOGLE IT NOW! There were lots of amazing designers with dark, spooky, and macabre items on sale for $50Ls!! And if you loved it there will be more next week... and if you missed it don't worry you still have a chance!

The owner of The Hollow, Dame, has a variety of lovely items at her shop.

{ITH} Susie Scare Crow

Includes: Gown, Apron, Gloves, Stockings, Hat, Brooch, and Posing Stake

{ITH} Homemade Wings - SOOT

{ITH} Arsenic & Elegance Hat - Gatcha Gatcha in the shop!

Love Always, Mar

hair - Tiny Bird
skin and red gown - Show Me on the Doll

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