Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Smell Autumn <333

So my favorite season is coming up just around the corner and to celebrate it (early I know) I made a hunt gift for The Darker Side Hunt that is about to go on at the UnWanted Mall to promote its darker side, and also the RP that goes on there.

My gift is the Creeper Hut and you can find it hidden in my store @ UnWanted Mall from August 16th to August 30th.  There is a sign in my store if you want more info and a LM to the Sim and Starting Point.  There are a bunch of other neat stores on the sim so I'm excited to participate as a designer and a hunter!!! Wooo!

Also Barb, my beloved, found me these awesome shoes from Grim Brothers.  The come in Red, Blue, and Green and are perfect for Halloween or just everyday spookiness aka perfect of ME! They are awesome I've been wearing them for 2 days straight with my blood clown skin and crazy hair. I loveeeee them!! Thanks Barb I love you too!! You can get them here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

L-O-double L -I-P-O-P spells Lollipop, Lollipop!

So have a week and a half at the beach I'm golden red.  But I do have a new set for sale in my new store in Carnieville.  You can get the full set for $200Ls or each piece separately for either $50Ls or $150Ls for the swing set.

I really have been trying to get something together for a special group gift, especially since classes are sneaking up quickly and with 18 credits in mostly 400 level classes I have a feeling my free time may be limited. So.... On August 5 and August 15 I will be sending out 2 special gifts via Sugar.Snap.Me Subscribomatic.  The first will be a girly glam version of the Gloomyville Gazebo and the second will be a set of additional playground items that will never be for sale! So make sure you stop by and join, then tell all your friends, yay!

Finally I am working on opening a new store in the UnWanted Mall it should be done sometime this week, maybe even today. There will be a subscribo there too so stop by either one.

Love Always, Mar

Friday, July 24, 2009

This is a Fawn and Epoque Exclusive Sale!

So This weekend there is an absolutely fantabulous sale going on with This is a Fawn and Epqoue. There are necklaces, a hair style, shoes, dresses, tops, and even some freebies. Make sure you are part of either group and you can get a lm to the special spot. I love Barb so even though I can barely get on SL and definately cant change clothes or take pics I'm posting this so everoyne that follows me can have the opportunity at getting excuslive items awesome stores.

On that note I have a bit of stuff I need to say, yes this is in fact a rant, if you don't like it or don't want to read it then don't, no one is forcing you. Which brings my to my point. This is so blog handbook that says what or who or how you should run your blog. This is my personal blog. I use it as a type of SL diary and fashion diary. I love fashion, I am also an artist, I also love things that are unusual. I blog my friends, my enemies, my ex's and total and complete strangers. Sometimes I even make friends through blogging.

Today when I spent some of my vacation on SL due to a thunderstorm that made me leave the beach I stopped by the sale to do some shopping and ofcourse chatted with some friends, one of them being Barb, and then Love, Putrid, and others. The 5 people I spent 15 mintues chatting with are all designers, and yes they do give me their stuff for free, but that is not why I blog it.

Now that you know the background of this rant I can make my point. What the hell is wrong with helping out your friends? Barb is my friend, so is Love, and Putrid, and Jemima, and KataOnik, and Vi, and more and more and more. I am also a designer and I give everyone my stuff too, because we are friends not because I have a blog. Me having a blog is an added bonus because blogging a form of media that you can do whatever you want with, like a blank canvas. Everyone I know is amazing at what they do, that is why I blog them, and if it helps them out then great, everyone is happy. What is wrong with that? I don't see anything. I was given a link to a blog that bashed some of closest friends for being friends? Please.... It's SL why don't have your friends help you out? If someone asked me to help them I probably wouldn't unless they were my friend, why would I invest my time and energy into a project for someone I don't even know? It wouldn't be much fun would it? If i make friends out of doing something great but why pick someone random to do something like promote your brand when your friends are there and willing? That is simply beyond me and seems totally unreasonable? but maybe thats just me.

I was appalled by someone claiming that others blog wasn't objective? Who's blog is objective? Your blog is yours to do as you wish but theres no law saying "if you know the person you are blogging then your blog is no longer a good source of information or a valid opinion of the topic" If my friends stuff was horrid I'd encourage them to try again or help them make it better. I wouldn't blog them and encourage others to buy crap, because people just don't do that, and if they do then it's their blog, their opinion, their word. You don't have to act on what others say or post or demand.... we as humans have free will.

So now that I'm done ranting feel free to go to the Red Carpet SL blog and to view what I would assume is a totally and completely objective blog, hopefully he or she has never blogged a friend or acquantance because then it wouldn't be objective would it? I'm not bashing the blog in any sense I just don't think its right to tell people what to blog, or to post peoples conversations onto your blog in a negative way. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, if you don't like it move on... no one is forcing themselves on you by sticking to their beliefs.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Super Amazing New Prize Thing @ *SMOTD*

The Big Red Button Bomb Game @ Show Me on the Doll
Test it out here.
There are Prizes!!!

So you're probably saying to yourself... self... what the hell is this BRBB thing? right? Here's Putrid's explanation:

"Your Big Red Button Bomb Prize System, better known as the BRBB, is a very special and unique piece of contest equipment. The game itself is fairly simple, Contestants who wish to try for a chance at the Main Prize just click the Big Red Button to enter the game, if enough Contestants have entered the game to fill the bomb to Critical Mass (which makes the Countdown turn red) and the Countdown reaches 00:00:00 then the bomb will explode and everyone who entered will receive the Main Prize (up to 1000 entries supported). 

The tricky part of the game is that whenever a Contestant enters, the Countdown will randomly change. This means that the Countdown may have 10 hours left when you enter the game, but as soon as you do, it could change to where there's only 1 minute left! And if it changes to such a low Countdown and the numbers aren't red (meaning it hasn't reached Critical Mass yet), you'd better hope someone else enters the game soon so that you keep your chance at winning. The game can even award those who save such low Countdowns with what's called a Save Prize, the game owner can elect to give this special 'instant prize' to Contestants who enter the game when there's 10 seconds or less left and the Critical Mass hasn't been reached. This is in addition to the Main Prize.

So what happens if the Countdown hits 00:00:00 and Critical Mass hasn't been reached? The game resets to where its owner set it up and no one gets the Main Prize. Those who entered the last game will have to enter again to try to win."

Soooo If you like the outfit I'm wearing with the parasol and the pony boots go to Show Me on the Doll in Gloomyville and try out BRBB.  The outfit is amazing as always with Putrid and is worth $500Ls, so if you don't wanna take you're chances you can always just buy it.

*SMOTD* in Gloomyville is here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Gazebo Cabana Thing!

Yesterday I was inspired by candy!!!
So I made this cute gazebo thing with 8 poses built in for an amazing cabana candy social party.  It was originally going to be for a hunt but I got a better idea for that, though there will be a special girlie girl version of the gazebo released as a gift for people subscribed to my subscribo on August 3rd.  So if you want a cute pink version make sure you  stop by and subscribe. Also with the new build I moved the gardenbox over the cheapies pile for $50Ls and the flowerbox is now a dollarbie!

Sugar.Snap.Me is here!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poofie Pants!

Yay for Show Me on the Doll! Putrid just keeps making super adorable things.  She made longer pants and now these short poofy ones, that I'm probably never taking off again. And word on the street is she is having a mini huni this weekend.  I'll be away so I made my prize early you can see some of it in these pics =)

*SMOTD* Show Me on the Doll - Poofie Pants Outfit - Jester

*SMOTD* Show Me on the Doll - Poofie Pants Outfit - Carnage

*SMOTD* Show Me on the Doll - Poofie Pants Outfit - Rainbow

Show Me on the Doll is in Gloomyville.  My store is also there and you can find my gazebo/cabana there this weekend.

If you wanna see the longer pants version I did a post on the Gloomyville blog featuring them the other day.  Gloomyville blog is here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

*Tuft* by Jemima Clowes

Yesterday during my 200 minute sale I met Jemima and she is absolutely lovely! She loves blogs and has her own store named *TUFT*.  She was kind enough to give me some samples, YAY! so here they are =)

*TUFT* My Empire Dress

One of the cute dresses you can find at her store. I love the top part and the goofy cute texture.

*TUFT* The Day the Circus left Town Tank
*TUFT* Meet me at the Boarder  Jeans

I really love the jeans because its hard to find good quality ones with the belt texture added and with my hippy shape belts never fit right, and everyone knows I love carny! so this tank is right up my alley.
Jeans in another shade the come in a 3-pack with light, dark, and brown tones!

She also has a random $1Ls vendor at her store, a MM board, lucky board, and some freebie and cheapies.  There are a ton of cute tank tops too!

*Tuft* is here. YAY!

Monday, July 13, 2009

200 minute sale for 200 views!!!

All my builds will be on sale for $2Ls for the next 200 minutes to celebrate the 200 views on the blog!!! So yay! For all of you that stopped and to check it out, and Thank You!

Sugar.Snap.Me is Here!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt

I didn't do much of the Cinderella's Lost Slipper Hunt but I did pick up two of my favorite stores gifts last night, and then another this morning.  [Rockberry] has a set of gorgeous skins and a lingerie set in their slipper, Pididdle has pretty pretty eyes and a dazzling necklace, and This is a Fawn has Barb's cute cute cute Vintage Skirt in a special color.

[Rockberry] Skin in the dark tone
Pididdle eyes and necklace
[Rockberry] lingerie set

This is a Fawn skirt
[Rockberry] corset and Skin in Natural Tone
Pididdle eyes and necklace

*Shape is by eeka batz her store is [blitz].

Pididdle and This is a Fawn are both on the Starlust Sim, Horst.
[Rockberry] gift is at their mainstore.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fishy Strawberry and Doll Houses

New summer stuff @ Fishy Strawberry
I love this dresssss!!! The swim suit top doesn't come with it but it was a little too revealing for my shape. But I love the details and the poofy bottom.  The dress is adorableeeee, yay! for summer!!!

There are also new shorts, and 2 tops... and if you haven't seen the new skins before to go upstairs and check them out.

Fishy Strawberry is here.

Also you can't really see it in the background but it's my new prefab.  It's an open doll house with 2 sides and 4 rooms.  There's 2 versions a creepy one and then a cute one.  Its $150Ls and you can find it at the motel on the edge of Gloomyville in my new store Sugar.Snap.Me.

Sugar. Snap. Me is here.

There is also a Michael Jackson Tribute Sky Box freebie and a $50Ls Flower themed Skybox in the corner where the crates are.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lunch Anyone?

Redd Columbia Rocks my World!!! Hahahahah I was just sitting here in Eugene thinking about the Starlust Flickr Contest when I get a group message with a video link:

Needless to say I was no longer bored and I skipped my self right over to -RC- Cluster to get some lunch.  Glitter version of course since I frickin loveeeeeee glitter, but this amazing lunch does come in other versions.

Yay!!! For Lunch!!!

-RC- Cluster Mainstore is here: click me!

or here @ Eugene.

Rotten Toe Moth Hunter Dress

Rotten Toe has a new dresssssss!!!!

aaaaand since there are constantly moths flying around my door these days I couldn't help but buy it.  It is adorable and has a bunch of cute details.  There are two poof versions and one top with a moth then one without it.  The socks aren't included but go with just about anything.  I love them.

Rotten Toe mainstore is here.
here at Hotel Munster.

[blitz] shapes by eeka batz

I love when I see unique shapes on SL.  In my opinion most people tend to lean towards the Mattel barbie look instead of being proportionally realistic.  My personal shape is close to my irl size (short and chubbier wide in the hips) and I like it that way. I also have friends that are teeny and friends that are bigger.  I like SL because of diversity thats what makes it fun for me, so when eeka sent me these shapes I was super excited.  Each one is interesting and unique.  The faces are all different and the she makes them all modifiable so if you wanna be skinny or bigger its your choice.  It gives you the opportunity to customize the shape to you and not be a robot, and I think thats flipping awesome.

katja and 2.0 are my favorites but don't judge them based on me go check them out for yourselves!

eeka's store [blitz] is here.
anddd if you wanna see more pics of her shapes check out her flickr page for [blitz] here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pin Me Up Baby!

So I have this friend Love, and she is a brilliant designer or pretty much anything.  She makes belts, humpable rainbows, boots, walkers, gestures, she'll remodel houses... yup she is good at it all... and she has a store in one of my favorite sims (Gloomyville) which we all call the Love Shack.  Her latest creation is her Pin Me Up Skins.  They are here first skin line ever and absolutely fuckin' fantastic! Here they are ladies and gents!

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Model Mask]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Model]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Model Mess]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Natural]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Natural Mask]

..A.I.W.. Pin Me Up [Natural Mess]

..A.I.W.. stands for Asylum In Wonderland and you can find her store here.
All the skins are $1000Ls or $5000Ls for all the fatpack. Trust me they are totally worth it, and you can tell how much time she put into them due to all the little details she added.  Even on the body there are beauty marks and freckles.  If you wanna check it out for yourself go try a demo!

Retrospectacular For NAMI this Weekend!

"The Retrospectacular To Benefit NAMI is a charity event to raise funds to benefit a national mental health organization, NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). The event will take place from Friday June 10, 11 am slt, until Monday June 13, 1 am slt. It will feature round-the-clock djs, a sock hop, a dance marathon, roller skating, kissing booth, car wash, date auction, best-dressed photo contest, and USO/pinup-style SLag performance! The djs will do their sets on various areas of the sim (ie the camp, the school, the beach, the roller rink, etc), as their set determines.  We hope to see you all there and hope you have a great time! It's for a great cause and should be a blast! All proceeds will be donated to NAMI. "

If you want to know more about the organization feel free to visit there website:

Sooo if you are looking for a good time this weekend stop by for music and fun.  It's for a good cause since mental illness is something a lot of people don't fully understand.  Go to Retrospectacular and bring your friends to help raise awareness and funding for NAMI!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And She Does it Again! <33 Barb

Leda is an amazingly glamourous dress which a whimsical quality that makes me adore Barb more than ever before, which is hard considering I absolutely love love love her!

(Sorry the pics are small, it's because they are actually pretty big... so you'll have to click them to see them at their proper size, but it's worth it I promise!)

I decided to do day vs night pics because I felt like a junkie @ prom and also like a fashionista today?  Strange I know.... but it does show how versatile the dress is.

I think Leda in Seafoam is my fav... but they are all completely cute, this is sort of like a sneak peak! You'll be able to buy this gorgeous dress Saturday at the opening of This is a Fawn Mainstore...Yay for Parties!

Glam vs Gore? You Decide... But make sure you stop by Barb's new mainstore!! I'll be there that's for sure! But if you simply can't wait and need to go visit Barb's store right now you can visit her boutique in Floyd where she has lots of other pretty things.

This is a Fawn is here: click me!

p.s. I am also guest blogging for a new blog called Unique and Fabulous in SL where I did an outer space photo shoot in Barb's Leda Dress while being an alien... ohh the freedom SL gives us! Unique and Fabulous in SL showcases artistic freedom in SL, it is run by my close friend Ray Ray and one of her good friends.  I think it is an absolutely amazing idea because creativity is something that should always be cherished.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Roi Designs

RoI Design's has a brand new get up called Space Hoochie.  Everything is sculpted which makes it look fabulously realistic, much better than misshapen parts thrown over clothes textures. Space Hoochies Unite!

I love to be a pin-up in SL or be all vintagey, well really I love to be everything but I'm a sucker for red red lips.  This RoI Sunkissed Skin is perfect!
(There are also different shades like Moonkissed)

One of my absolute favorite items from RoI Design's creator ShawnDavid Blaisdale is this corset piercing.  Before this I had several that were clothing layers but could never find a sculpted one to fit my body.  This one is perfect! 

And this gorgeous skin is a gift.  If you visit the RoI Designs store @ Voodoo, its free.  The Porcelain Skin is another one of my favorite, red red lips = love!

Finally, glowy prim eyes.  One of my favorite movies of all time has a character with glowing eyes, and the dork/geek/nerd that I am I wanted to dress up like her in SL.  But I couldn't find the perfect eyes.  Sooo Shawn made these. Perfect for RPing Avs like aliens, mermaids, cyborgs, or whatever you dream up! p.s. They come in 27 colors!

RoI Designs Mainstore @ Voodoo is here.

or you can purchase stuff on Xstreet: