Monday, October 12, 2009

Fetish Chic @ Pandora's Prison

While procrastinating today... aka avoiding writing a paper I decided to clean my inventory, in doing so I found a bunch of lovely latex and fetish wear... here is the result ;)

A special thanks goes out to all the lovely ladies at Pandora's for allowing me to take these photos... if you'd like to experience the prison for yourself feel free to stop by and check it out
but beware you might just get captured...

love top thanks to Sandi
vintage panties: Jet Doll
socks: Sheer
boots:gift for Dommes from Dominion

full outfit: gift for Dommes from Dominion Fashion District/RP

shoes: Dominion gift for Dommes
socks: Sheer
corset: Savy Concubine Trash

outfit: former DV8 gift - Geishurai
boots: DV8 - Marchioness Boot

Ball Gag and Cuffs Courtesy of Pandora's
lingerie: kataOnik

PVC outfit: Flame Designs
shoes: N-core Stylus XtremeHeel

Shi Doll Gear - former freebie

kataOnik - Nursie Outfit for Hotel Dare
shoes: ..A.I.W.. Gentern

And another thanks to those at Pandora's

*note on Pandora's: It is an RP prison were subs or anyone really can go to RP as a prisoner. There are a variety of Mistress' there to guide and punish as well as cells, and other various posing objects as seen above to help aid the RP, you must be an adult and read the rules... they are very welcoming and will help you integrate into the RP. Beware if you are offended by BDSM RP or RPing in a sexual nature, this is not the place for you*

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