Monday, November 2, 2009

Sugar Skulls Hunt by Dead Dolls

Dead Dolls of SL presents the Dia De Los Muertos SUgar Skull hunt. The epic Dead Doll designers have been working their arses off making gifts for the hunt just for you out little dead dolls <3>

To keep updated on the hunt check out the Dead Dolls blog, Belle Morte, or for more up to the minute updates add us on twitter ^^

Hints will be available in Dead Dolls of SL group chat during the week of the hunt. However, if you are rude or insulting you can be banned from the group and hunt at any time at my discretion. So fair warning, play nice :P

here's there blog
there's also a group for hints, updates, etc... I didn't do the whole hunt its been a rough weekend for me drama on halloween and my cat isn't doing well but what I did find I really enjoyed heres the pics:

dress - Netherworld Sugar Skull Gift
eyes - MIASNOW Chrome dark

beard - ImmateriA
dress - Dead Dolls
bracelet and top hat - (EVOL)
eyes - MIASNOW Chrome purple

dress - Weird Designs
shoes - ImmateriA

hair pin - Malizz Yiyuan Creations
top - Rara Avis

horns - House of Ruin
shoes - ImmateriA
top - Rara Avis

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