Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a Sunny Day at the Manor

It's 88 and sunny here today, so what better to wear than yellow? Its also almost my birthday so everyone is happy, so again yellow! Yellow dresses it is, welcome to one of my yellow dress folders =)

This cute sundress is from *ICING* it's called Pocket Full of Posies.

This chic little number is from Bijou it comes in lots of colors, but this one is Gig in Yellow.

Lemons!  *Babydoll* Lemon Print Babydoll Dress

Flowery goodness from Rahz Store with the Lylaa Cut Dress

 and finally the golden Aimesi Yellow Sun Dress, YAY for Summer!

My cute pigtails are from Dejavu and my tan, freckled skin is from Atomic.

*Some of the slurls aren't working for me, I haven't been to some of the stores in a while but I do have working LMs on SL, if you need them feel free to message me in world =) *

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