Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Life at Gloomyville!

If you have been to Gloomyville lately, which if you follow my blog you probably have been because the last 3 or so posts have been from there, you'd have noticed that we tend to hang out by the bayou.  Inspired by the Gattina hair by Tiny Bird we decided to have a Gloomyville Spa Day. 
We take public showers to a whole new level, but there is an absolutely lovely view of the bayou from here...
New research says swamp water helps prevent cavities... but probably doesn't freshen your breath much.
Those beer cans did an excellent job... brushing my lovely wavy hair!
Blow drying for some volume...
Voila! Dead Dolly of Gloomyville at your service!

Both hairs are from .:Tiny Bird:. you can find them at the Koreshan Bake Sale, which is here.

The totally awesomesauce bathing accesories are from -RC- Cluster.  Redd is amazing, you can find them and much, much more at her store in Salchicha Harbor.

The cute dress is a steal for only $20 Ls from I Love 13, you can buy it here.

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