Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well Howdy Folks!

If this outfit looks familiar to you it's probably because I've blogged it in other colors, but because the 4th is coming nearer by the hour, and I absolutely love Show Me on the Doll and of course the amazing designer behind the store Putrid! heart heart heart!

Inspired by Captain Spaulding himself! (From 1000 Corpses/Devil Rejects) It has an adorable matching hat...

and cute cute cute pumps!

Perfect for patriotic holidays like July 4th! With all it's red, white, and blue glory!!!

Yay! For sparkles and cute Little Carnival Lady Dresses!  It will only be available in Putrid's mainstore in Gloomyville until July 5th, and just do you have absolutely no excuse not to get it it is super affordable at $150 Ls for the whole get up! 

Show Me on the Doll is here in Gloomyville.


Gloomyville Blog is here!

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