Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And She Does it Again! <33 Barb

Leda is an amazingly glamourous dress which a whimsical quality that makes me adore Barb more than ever before, which is hard considering I absolutely love love love her!

(Sorry the pics are small, it's because they are actually pretty big... so you'll have to click them to see them at their proper size, but it's worth it I promise!)

I decided to do day vs night pics because I felt like a junkie @ prom and also like a fashionista today?  Strange I know.... but it does show how versatile the dress is.

I think Leda in Seafoam is my fav... but they are all completely cute, this is sort of like a sneak peak! You'll be able to buy this gorgeous dress Saturday at the opening of This is a Fawn Mainstore...Yay for Parties!

Glam vs Gore? You Decide... But make sure you stop by Barb's new mainstore!! I'll be there that's for sure! But if you simply can't wait and need to go visit Barb's store right now you can visit her boutique in Floyd where she has lots of other pretty things.

This is a Fawn is here: click me!

p.s. I am also guest blogging for a new blog called Unique and Fabulous in SL where I did an outer space photo shoot in Barb's Leda Dress while being an alien... ohh the freedom SL gives us! Unique and Fabulous in SL showcases artistic freedom in SL, it is run by my close friend Ray Ray and one of her good friends.  I think it is an absolutely amazing idea because creativity is something that should always be cherished.

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  1. OK I gots to go get that dress like ASAP! That is too gorgy! I lurves how you can see the lil panties under it! hehehehehe! Yeah, I would like something like that now wouldn't I? LOL